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As Board of Elections Prep for Tuesday Here's What Voters Should Know

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Starting at 6:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, voting will be open to all Broome County residents. Board of Elections Deputy Commissioner, Christina Dutko, gives voters some useful tips before heading to the polling sites.

There are 114 different polling sites in 140 polling districts. Depending on the popularity of those sites, some may have two machines. However, Commissioner Dutko says most sites will only have one machine. Most polling places will likely have a crowd in the early morning as people head to work, and later in the evening around dinner time. Dutko is urging people to come vote during the day if they have the opportunity. 

"The phones have been ringing asking us where people can vote. There has been inspectors calling to make sure they are all set for tomorrow," said Christina Dutko, Board of Elections Deputy Commissioner. "It's is a little hectic for us today." 

A hectic day today could possibly mean a hectic day at the polling places. Commissioner Dutko stated that in the past years after a presidential election, there is normally a turnout of around 20- 25%. But with some of the propositions on the ballot this year, there could be a higher turnout. The Commissioner state that she would be happy with a 30-35% turnout, which would be a good boost from years past. 

Poll inspectors also stopped into the Broome County Board of Elections office today. Many of which were picking up polling machine keys. The Broome County Sheriff's department will be escorting a chair person with the voting machine key from each site back to the Broome County Office building for the official count. 

"The machine we have here across the hall will be able to read the results very quickly. It's totally internet free and there are no worries about any kind of way a person could hack into that machine,"said Dutko. "We are 100% confident in those results." 

Voting will close at 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday. The Commissioner wants voters to know that as long as you are in the polling center doors by 8:59, regardless of a line, you will be able to vote. You can find out exactly where to go by typing your address into the BroomeVotes website here.