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Bearcats expecting to be more exciting to watch in 2017-18

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The BU Bearcats posted the most wins of the Tommy Dempsey era a year ago, winning 12 games.  It didn't feel like the best season of his tenure at times, with so many players missing time due to injuries.

As a new season starts, there's even more optimism with all five starters returning and, knock on wood, healthy.  Fans in attendance this year can expect a more exciting team than a year ago.

"I think they're going to see an incredible spirit.  I think we had that for a long time last year.  We had a good mojo for much of the year, but losing can beat you down.  We lost our way emotionally, I thought, in the second half," Dempsey said.  "In some ways we stopped believing we were going to be successful.  You win in the mind first.  We have a group now that is just stringing together good performances and I think that puts wind in your sails.  I think the start of your season puts wind in your sails, and if you can find some wins early in the year, again the health will be key, but if we find wins and be healthy, I think this is a team that can finish considerably higher than we're predicted to."

The Bearcats open the season on November 10th at home against Morgan State.