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Rod Serling - Monday on FOX 40 HD-News at 10!

FOX 40 News takes you on a journey through the life of the Binghamton man who was responsible for The Twilight Zone in our exclusive series "Rod Serling: Screenwriter, Playwright & Television Producer". Starting Monday on FOX 40 HD-News at 10!

While the city has gone through some changes since the writer called it home, there are still pieces of Serling's Binghamton that stand today. On October 30th we take you on a tour, visiting places that shaped Serling as both a person and a writer. Larry Kassan, Twilight Zone enthusiast and Theater Coordinator at Binghamton High School tells us more about Serling's childhood and why he had such a strong connection to his hometown. 

On October 31st we tell you more about the legacy Serling left behind. He was one of the first writer/producers in the history of television, paving the way for how content is created today. His life and work have left behind many lessons for generations to come. We speak with teachers who use the iconic sci-fi show to foster critical thinking in elementary school classrooms and we take a road trip to get a glimpse of some of Serling's tangible accomplishments.