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JC High School Hosts Village Mayoral Debate

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Johnson City High School students had the opportunity to participant in a Village mayoral debate between Mayor Greg Deemie (R) and his opponent, Andrew Holbert. The goal of the event is to encourage more students to get involved with the political process. 

Both candidates spoke to the senior class and took questions from the student body. Many of the seniors will be voting for the first time in November. Moderate for the debate, and senior at Johnson City High School, Benjamin Reynolds, believes more students should get to know more about the political process. Reynolds says not a lot of students understand what goes into a race, but were very eager to ask questions during the debate. 

"I would really like to hear about what's going on with the Oakdale Mall. We've seen the decline of the Oakdale Mall, you've seen numerous stores leaving. I think students really want to know that too. It's right down the road from our school," said Reynolds. 

The event was also part of the students' experience in their Government course for participation.