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Hundreds Come Out To Break World Record In Reading

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Hundreds of kids, parents, and grandparents piled into the Broome County Library garden to try for a new world record in reading. The Jumpstart "Read For The Record" event at the BC Library is one of many around the world, aiming to break the world record for the most people reading the same book on the same day.

This year, the book chosen for the shared reading experience was "Quackers," a picture book about a cat who thinks he is a duck. The event is meant to foster an early love for reading in children and get parents involved in sharing books with their kids.

"The more that the parents are reading with kids, the more they're feeling comfortable with books and interacting with them, the more they are ready for kindergarten when they get there," says Sarah Reid, Outreach and Youth Services for the Four County Library System.

Reid says kids aren't necessarily reading less, but they are interacting less with hard copies of books. She says physical books as opposed to e-books can do more than promote literacy, they can actually become a sort of support system and a comfort to kids.

"It's something that the kids can touch and feel and interact with a little more and with a screen that goes away," says Reid, "The book you can return to and return to and they know it's always there."

Jumpstart currently holds the world record from their 2013 "Read For The Record" event, where over two million people shared in the reading experience.