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Binghamton NWS: Major Staffing Shortage

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The Binghamton National Weather Service is currently facing a major staffing shortage. 

The Binghamton office has dealt with a staff shortage for past three years,  however workers are saying it's especially bad this year.
They are nearly down one third of their staff. When the Binghamton NWS is fully staffed they have roughly 20 employees, and recently they just lost six.

"The citizens of Northeast PA and Central NY are being shortchanged by the forecast and warnings that are being delivered to them. It's what they've payed for, and yet we're so short staffed that we can't deliver on our most basic services," said the Vice Steward of Binghamton NWS, Mark Pellerito. 

The Binghamton Office has racked up one thousand hours of overtime-- due to their staffing shortage.