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Raymond Donates Forklift to Southern Tier Incubator

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The Raymond Corporation has donated a brand new forklift to the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator to support the organization's growing needs and future expansion.

"We've got a lot of startups in here, some of which are starting to get deliveries as they're growing their company and we needed this," said Dan Mori, Business Incubation Director.

Mori says he's thankful for the local companies that are supporting the Incubator as it continues to grow over its first five months of operation.

"We have more applications than we do space, which is incredible," said Mori.

According to Raymond, the truck can carry loads of up to 4,500 pounds and is used on shipping docks to load and unload trucks, on the actual truck to complete street deliveries, and in the warehouse to move products and pallets from place to place.

"Raymond has a long history of driving and developing innovation within our market and we are delighted to help foster and support a local organization that will continue to develop those types of technologies and new products," said Sue Rice, Raymond Product Manager.

Rice says the Model 8210 walkie pallet truck is valued at around $4,000.