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Johnson City Has "Seen Enough Tobacco"

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Enough is enough. That's the message Johnson City is sending tobacco advertisers targeting youth. On Thursday, JC Mayor Greg Deemie issued a proclamation, declaring October 12th "Seen Enough Tobacco Day" in the village.

Youth Ambassadors of the Reality Check Program went around the village and recorded how many tobacco advertisements are visible to youth. They found, at any given moment, there are more than 900 tobacco advertisements in locations where youth can see them. 

"I go to BOCES at the beginning of the day and usually we stop to get a drink on the way there at the gas station near where I live and there's a lot of tobacco advertisements," says Jacob Brady, a Reality Check Youth, "And just how frequently we visit the store, we are exposed to it on a pretty daily basis."

The Broome County Health Department says the average age of a new smoker in New York State is only 13 years old. 

Tobacco Free Broome and Tioga is calling on the community and advertisers to eliminate tobacco advertising near schools and in convenience stores, where teens frequently shop.