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Vacant Gas Station, Former Apartments to be Demolished in Binghamton

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Binghamton Mayor Rich David says he is in the process of acquiring a vacant gas station on Binghamton's north side to be demolished after sitting idly for decades. The property is located at 419-421 Chenango St. at the corner of Chenango and Frederick Street.

"This is one of many locations on the north side that I've heard residents voice their concerns and frustrations about," said Rich David, Binghamton Mayor.

The inactivity at the location is in part due to a history of environmental problems over the last five years. In 2011, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation removed six underground storage tanks and two petroleum pump stations. As a result, the DEC spent around $75,000 in cleanup costs, which placed a lien against the property.

"Over the course of the last 10 months, we have worked with the Department of Environmental Conservation to get them to forgive the $75,000 lien against this property if the City takes it over and advances public or private development," said David.

David says Broome County has begun the foreclosure process with Binghamton and is in the course of transferring the land to the City.

The Mayor says the adjacent but separate property, 423 Chenango St. will also be leveled during the demolition. Binghamton previously acquired the property in 2016.

"Before the end of this year, both of these properties will be demolished," said David.

In total, the land spans around one acre and Mayor David says the Binghamton Plaza has already expressed interest to expand into the location.

"We are currently working with them [the owners of the Binghamton Plaza] on a redevelopment plan," said David. The Mayor added that he will only provide the land to the Binghamton Plaza as part of a multi-million dollar investment.

The property is also in close proximity to the City's North Side fire station and the Cheri A. Lindsey Memorial Park.