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Endicott Church Helps Hundreds Find Jobs

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More than 400 people attended Our Lady of Good Counsel's 2nd annual Job Fair to find employment with one of the nearly 60 companies in attendance on Wednesday afternoon.

"One of our social justice doctrines is that everyone has a right to a job with a living wage," said Karen Babicek, Our Lady of Good Counsel Outreach Director. "It's important for people to have dignity, it's important for them to go out and earn a living and so part of our outreach program is to offer those kinds of opportunities."

The event nearly doubled in size in its second year, which reinforces Babicek and the Church's mission to give back to the community.

"There are 64 companies here and if they can find people to fill their jobs, then people can find a way to be able to live," said Babicek.

Dick's Sports Goods had the longest line as dozens of people were constantly waiting to get a five-minute interview, but Annie Williams, the event co-organizer says there was no fee for businesses to register a table, which helps target small companies as well. 

"An expense kind of slows things down, so it's just an easier way for us to say our doors are open, come on in," said Williams.

Among the rows of tables in the Church's gym was Amrex Chemical, a company based out of Binghamton's east side. One of their employees says events like the job fair are crucial to finding quality local people to hire.

"We are a small family-owned business and we always look to hire local people in the community to keep people employed in the area," said Janet Pergl, Amrex Chemical Safety Coordinator.

The Frederick Street location has around 50 employees and looks to bulk up on staff right before the winter.

"We're hopeful that it's going to work out that maybe we can add some people to our staff as a result of this job fair," said Pergl.

Organizers say the event gives back to everyone as area-businesses can hire local people who can then improve their quality of life.

"It helps the employer, but also the employee because so many people might be a little displaced and they just need that little start to get going and get the confidence back up," said Williams.