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Over 50 Farmers from 4 Counties Help Rescue Cows from Aukema Dairy Farm Fire

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Over 50 farmers from 4 counties helped rescue cows after a dairy farm in Chenango Forks went up in flames Tuesday night.

A feeding tractor caught fire around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in a bar at the Aukema Dairy Farm.

Nearly 70 cows made it out safely thank to the help of the farmers who turned out in record numbers to assist.

“The neighbors, the people that we know, the farming community.. They brought cattle trailers to move the cows to another farm. They did so much. There’s no words to say other than thank you.” - Pat Aukema, Owner of Aukema Dairy and Dutch Hill Creamery

Chenango Forks Assistant Fire Chief Kipp Herner was first on the scene. He lives less than a mile away.

“We had over 50 farmers here before we had 3 trucks. The community support is what was amazing last night. Seeing that makes you be proud that you live in this area.”

The farm, which is the sole supplier of Dutch Hill Creamery, is a total loss.

The family is grateful no one was hurt and that support was plentiful.