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Students Get Face-Time With Congresswoman

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They may not old enough to vote, but Windsor High School students had a lot of questions for their congresswoman, Claudia Tenney. Tenney fielded questions from students in Mr. Symons' public policy class ranging from common core to why she voted "no" on the 2011 bill to legalize same-sex marriage in New York State. 

"To me, it was a religious freedom issue, and we should have added the amendment, but it was taken out," Tenney explained about her vote, saying she had to vote against it when the amendment protecting religious freedoms was removed.

The Q & A came about when Tenney reached out to the district about talking to the class. Teacher Scott Symons says his students were well prepared.

"My kids did their research and were very passionate about what they wanted to ask her," says Symons.

Senior Ava Lawrence says she doesn't agree with most of Tenney's policies, but respected that she went in depth in explaining her stance to the class.

"Even though I don't agree with most of the things she said, it was still interesting to get her point of view on that," says Lawrence.

Fellow classmate Alexander Quinn seconded that, saying speaking with Tenney yielded more about her views than looking at her website.

"I learned quite a bit about her stances that I didn't think I'd get to hear at all. I figured most of what she'd say would be more vague," says Quinn.

Whether liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, students say it was a valuable lesson.