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Broome County Historian Gives Presentation to Rotary Club on Binghamton's 150 Year History

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The Binghamton Rotary Club invited Broome County Historian, Gerald Smith, to commemorate the city’s 150th anniversary.

Smith gave a presentation on the interesting stories in the community, but focused on businesses that started in Binghamton and moved on to larger areas.

He hopes to inspire a new generation of residents to not miss opportunities in the future.

We’ve had some wonderful things that started here, but they didn’t stay here. We kept looking for the big mega company to come back in, and that’s never the way it starts. It starts with a little company with maybe five or six employees that does really good and finds its niche market. - Gerald Smith, Broome County Historian

Valvoline, Whirlpool, and the inventors of the match book all started in Binghamton.