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Endicott Performing Arts Center's "Gripped" Aims To Eliminate Stigma Related To Drug Addiction

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"Gripped", a production aiming to eliminate stigma and bring awareness to drug addiction, is coming to the Endicott Performing Arts Center stage.

The show, put on by Vortex Dance Company, will benefit Dope Without Dope, a non-profit organization that helps recovering addicts.

The performance aims to not only educate the community about drug addiction, but hopes to eliminate the stigma, in hopes that those who are addicted will reach out for help.

“Eliminating the stigma eliminates the fear of being judged by other people, and we’re hoping that it will give people the courage to actually get the help they need.” - Jeremiah Harvey, Co-Founder of Dope Without Hope

“Addiction is huge right now and it’s in our community. A lot of people judge others, and we’re trying to show that it’s not something to feel judged for. If you need help, go out and get the help that you need. There’s hope.” - Brianna Barnett, Vortex Performer and Choreographer

Performances run October 20 - 22 at the Endicott Performing Arts Center.