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Binghamton High School Honors Distinguished Graduates

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Binghamton High School hosted a 25th Annual Distinguished Graduates Dinner on Thursday night. The event honors alumni who have excelled in their profession and made significant contributions to their community.

Seven BHS grads were honored with the award.

  • Jenni Blank - 2002
  • Michael Dahulich - 1967
  • Shareeka Epps - 2007
  • Dr. Charles Patrick Ewing - 1967
  • Gen. Mark McCormack - 1984
  • Dr. Alfonso Perna - 1955
  • King Rice - 1987

Honorees were chosen by the Distinguished Graduate Selection Committee, which is comprised of former award winners and supports of the school district. 

The most recent graduate to receive the recognition, Shareeka Epps is an actress in both film and television and said she was shocked to find out that she was chosen.

"I'm humbled by it," said Epps. "I'm so young, and to have been here and being honored for the small accomplishments I've made so far is just amazing."

Event organizers say the winners "achievements provide an inspirational example for this year's Binghamton High School graduates."