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Over 250 Students From 20 School Districts Attend Manufacturing Day at Raymond Corporation

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Over 250 students from 20 school districts across the Southern Tier visited Raymond Corporation Thursday for Manufacturing Day.

The global company that started in Greene 95 years ago, welcomed high school students and showcased various jobs in manufacturing.

It’s all about opening their eyes, letting them know that manufacturing’s a viable career and Raymond Corporation is a great company to work for. - Rick Harrington, Senior VP of Operations

Students got to participate in a hands-on workshop with state-of-the-art machines like Bluetooth robots and virtual reality.

One high schooler was inspired by the Manufacturing Day, and might change her post-graduation plans.

“I think I would like to do something with medicine, but now when I see this company I think I should go in this direction more." - Susanne Berens, German Exchange Student at Affton High

Teachers were excited to show their students firsthand what a thriving corporation looks like.

“I have kids who want to be business executives, they want to work in sales, different parts of the industry. At Raymond you can see a sales department, an engineering department, the manufacturing floor…they get a complete view of what an industry is like. It’s a great opportunity for them to see what the real world is like and different job opportunities." - Nick Oetinger, Technology Teacher at SV High

Raymond Corporation had to turn away 200 students, but hopes to make next year a two-day event.