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Abdelazim Announces Ideas to Improve City Infrastructure

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Democratic candidate for Binghamton Mayor Tarik Abdelazim discussed his approach to improve the City's infrastructure if elected in November. 

He is proposing a ten-year capital management plan, which he says is the first ever for the city of Binghamton. 

“Infrastructure is more than roads and bridges," said Abdelazim. "We also need to be maintaining and upgrading our water and sewer infrastructure, flood structures, police and fire facilities, parks and recreational assets, parking ramps, and our fleets of vehicles."

It's never been done before, it's forward thinking, it's comprehensive, and it's fiscally responsible.

— Tarik Abdelazim

At the press conference, Abdelazim was critical of Republican Mayor Rich David's current plan, which he called superficial. 

"He's choosing to invest in what's visible and expending our limited resources basically to advance his public image and his re-election chances, but the reality is that what is not visible is being ignored, neglected or delayed," said Abdelazim.

He also shared a 2015 engineering report, which the Democrat says he use FOIL to obtain. The document outlines more than $200,000 in repairs and preventative maintenance needs for the police and fire bays at City Hall. 

“Here’s my promise to city taxpayers and residents: I will commit to developing the city’s first ever long-term capital improvement plan so we have a comprehensive and strategic schedule for the maintenance and upgrades of all our city infrastructure assets," said Abdelazim.

Deputy Mayor Jared Kraham says Binghamton's infrastructure was neglected and not a priority. 

"Mayor David has rebuilt more crumbling streets in four years than Ryan/Abdelazim did in eight," said Kraham. "New LED streetlights illuminate our streets. Bridges, gateway, and other critical infrastructure have been upgraded."