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Gov. Cuomo Announces Battery Factory To Create 230 Jobs In Endicott

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Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that 230 jobs will be coming to the Village of Endicott by 2019.

“On the campus of yesterday… you’re now going to see the industry of tomorrow.”

C4V, the lithium-ion battery invented by a Binghamton University Professor will soon be manufactured on the former IBM campus in Endicott.

The company, now called Imperium3, is investing over $130 million to build the factory.

Shailesh Upreti, CEO of Imperium3, said the majority of hiring will be local.

We are committed to make it happen here with local people. — Shailesh Upreti,  Imperium3 CEO

The new jobs will be manufacturing positions, as the company aims to make 700 batteries per minute.

The Endicott area and IBM campus were a major selling point for the company.

“Endicott has a lot of existing infrastructure especially here on campus. So some of the utilities that are available.. The recycling plant that exists and building. The biggest is the infrastructure.”

The batteries can be used for solar, electric cars, or busses.

“If we design it for the solar application, the batteries will last about 15 to 20 years. We can design it for high-power applications like an electric car, truck, bus, making it fully electric. That would last between 10 to 15 years.”

Production is set to begin in the fall of 2019.