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Construction Career Day Draws Over 500 Students in Broome-Tioga Region

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Over 500 students from 20 school district in the Broome-Tioga region attended Construction Career Day at the Broome County Highway Department.

The annual event is in its seventh year, and gives students a firsthand look at what it’s like to work in a trade.

Jack Williams, NYSDOT Region 9 Director, spoke about how important it is for high school students to learn what their options are besides going to a four-year college.

For every student that chooses to go into a trade, five are leaving due to retirements. We know that is certainly there. It’s great work, it’s noble work, and to know that you’re being trained for something that you’re going to immediately have a job for is very rewarding.

Multiple state agencies were in attendance, and the students had a blast driving the construction vehicles.