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Binghamton PD Say One Suspect Behind String of Armed Robberies

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Binghamton Police are investigating a string of armed robberies in the city believed to have been hit up by the same person.

Alaska Market on Chenango Street was held up at knifepoint Monday afternoon, the last of seven armed robberies in the past two weeks.

Manager John Paul is still shaken up.

I don’t want this to happen to nobody at all. I want everybody to be alert. This is scary. I almost passed out because I was scared to death. I was like ‘He’s going to hurt me, I don’t want nobody to hurt me.’ I want everybody to be safe, I don’t want this to happen to nobody.

Paul plans to add more cameras to his store to increase security.

Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski believes the robberies are all connected.

“We’re fairly confident that they all are related, that it’s the same individual committing all seven of them.”

The suspect robbed a Goodwill and a Big Lots on September 22nd, and the S-K Mini Mart two days before that.

Area residents like Big Lots shopper Liz Newton are worried after hearing about the robberies at their local stores.

“It’s a little scary. I came over here to get my nails done so I was a little apprehensive.”

City officials say finding the robber is a top priority, and police have beefed up patrols.