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New York State Police Celebrate 100th Anniversary With Open House October 7th

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New York State Police are celebrating their 100 year anniversary with open houses around the state.

Troop C is holding their own open house on October 7th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at their headquarters in Sidney.

State Trooper Nathan Riegal outlined the activities going on during the free event, one that will have plenty of fun for all ages.

“We’ll have displays from K-9’s, we’ll have a helicopter fly over with somebody repelling out, there’s going to be a SWAT team, our scuba team’s going to be there, and there’s going to be basically every type of equipment that the State Police has used throughout its history. We’d like to get the public to come out to the event to see what it is we do and what we’ve done historically.”

Off-site parking will be available at Union Street and Delaware Avenue in Sidney, with shuttles to the open house.