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Pro-Gas Sign Appears Inside Port Crane Cemetery Fence

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The debate for and against a natural gas compressor station in Fenton has taken over new ground. Residents became upset when a pro-gas lawn sign appeared in the Port Crane cemetery. The sign, which has since been removed, reads "We support natural gas and local jobs."

Neighbors say it showed up on September 19th and was originally outside the fence of the cemetery, but last week, the sign was moved inside the cemetery grounds.

"There are a lot of public spaces all over the Town of Fenton. Use those public spaces if you can't find private property for them, but don't use the cemetery," says Town of Fenton resident Joela Andersen.

The above picture was taken by Andersen's father, who says he has applied for one of the open positions on the Town Planning Board and is anti-compressor station. The chairman of that board, John Eldred, also manages the cemetery. Eldred voted in favor of the natural gas compressor station project twice.

Eldred tells Fox 40 that he did not put the sign there and has no idea who did. It was removed a few days ago.

When asked if these were NG Advantage signs, a company spokesperson issued this statement:

NG Advantage has provided signs to supporters of the project, including local unions, and we're confident these signs have been displayed appropriately. However, we have no control over where they are placed. And it should be noted that many of our supporters have reported having signs repeatedly stolen from their lawns.

— Morgan Hook, NG Advantage Spokesperson