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Demolitions Sweep Binghamton's North Side

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A long-standing eyesore on Binghamton's north side came down on Monday. The house at 31 Virgil Street is one of four planned demolitions on the city's north side this month. 

Mayor Rich David says the city owns four adjoining properties around the Virgil Street lot and plans to redevelop the area. David responded to criticism from his opponent, democrat Tarik Abdelazim, who has said the current mayor knocks down buildings with no plans for future use. David says demolition is the first step and necessary to get interest from developers.

"Sometimes you may have a community garden, sometimes you may be able to consolidate parcels together for future development, but the bottom line is, you have to start somewhere. And these demolitions are the first step," says David.

The mayor says he wants to see the lots redeveloped into affordable house. The other three demolitions taking place in the next 30 days are at 147 Bevier Street, 96 Liberty Street, and 644 State Street.