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Frosty Joe's Gives Free Ice Cream to Veterans

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Frosty Joe's in Binghamton gave away free ice cream to any active members of the military and veterans as a way to show appreciation for their service to the United States. Shop Owner, Jeff Decosse says he decided to put the event together after hundreds of NFL players decided to take a knee during the National Anthem.

We figured a lot of people are not going to be watching football and they're actively proactively not watching football," said Decosse. "It's an alternative of what you would normally do on a Sunday in a response to what the NFL is doing."

Many players have come forward and said that the protests were not intended to be anti-American, anti-flag, or anti-National Anthem, but not everyone saw it that way.

"I know what they went through to support this country and it just makes my blood boil that these guys take a knee and blame it on everything else," Ed Travis, Live Musician at the Event. "I don't care what their agenda is, they're still disrespecting our flag and our veterans when they do it."

In a post on social media, event organizers said "we will be honoring [the] beautiful men and women who have made so many sacrifices in their lives. We can't thank you enough as we wouldn't have what we have today without you."