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St Mary of Assumption holds "Faith on Fire" Mission Concert

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For 40 years, more than six-hundred parishes have designated one week out of the year toward prayer, music, and love for thousands of parishioners across the United States. Sunday, St. Mary of Assumption, Binghamton, held the Faith on Fire Mission concert as the second day of special services continued to spread the teachings of Christianity and remind people that "the world is beautiful."

"There are so many issues within our country, today. To be able to emphasize that we have people who are faith-filled and want to live a loving lifestyle...we want to grow together as one community, who love and are at peace with one another," said Father Ken Bealee, Faith on Fire Missions Exec. Director.

During the night's event, Father Beale, alongside members of his faith, sang to the church congregation. Because, according to Beal, music is one of the most powerful forms of communication.

"Music can fill people with the fire of God's love. They can go out and live their faith," said Father Ken Beale.

The Faith on Fire Mission concert will continue; Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at the St. Francis Parish.