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Apple Trees Are Loaded For Picking Season

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It's going to be a great year for apples. The trees at Apple Hills are loaded with fruit, some branches dipping towards the ground with the weight.

"All that rain that we had in the spring was great for the apples, they grew, and grew, and grew. And it was cool. Apples like it wet and cool," says David Johnson, co-owner of Apple Hills.

This is a huge difference from last year when hail and an early frost cost the farm about a quarter of its crop. This year, the trees have grown more than they do in an average year.

"I say we have a third more apples than I would expect in a year," says Johnson.

Pickers have noticed the abundance of crop up on the hill. 9-year-old Molly Bonts comes picking with her family every year. 

"We want big... just that good red," says Bonts. 

This year, she's brought her cousin with her who is visiting from down south and has never been to an apple orchard.

"It's great, there's lots out here," says Breanna Dantino, Bonts' cousin.

The recent record heat had Johnson a little nervous. Heat can cause apples to ripen too quickly and drop from the trees, but overnight, summer turned to fall, and there are plenty of apples for Bonts, Dantino, and all the rest of the apple pickers this season.