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SUNY Broome Holds Hurricane Harvey Relief Fundraiser Aiming To Raise $10k For Victims

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Students at SUNY Broome put on a Hurricane Harvey Relief Festival Thursday afternoon that drew hundreds of students, faculty, and local residents.

The fundraiser, completely student run, had over 50 volunteers grilling, making cotton candy, handing out apple cider, serving up food, and selling raffle tickets.

Students were working hard trying to raise money to reach their goal of $10,000 to support those in Texas impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Rey Wojdat, Chairman of the Hospitality Programs Department at SUNY Broome, spoke about how the event is an all-around win for all.

“I can’t see how you can get a better arrangement than something that’s doing a public good, a moral good, a righteous good, and an educational good all wrapped up into one great event.”

The disaster in Texas is a harsh reminder to those impacted by the 2006 and 2011 floods here in Broome County.

That is why students like Marissa Thornton, Assistant Event Manager of the fundraiser, are getting involved and throwing their support behind Texans who are going through so much more.

We’ve been through nothing compared to what they’ve been through, but we know the destruction and what it can cause. They need to know that we’re all united no matter what, and we’re thinking about them through this horrible time that they’re going through.

SUNY Broome has two student auditors who are making sure every penny goes directly to Texas.

The school hopes to put on another fundraiser to raise money for more hurricane relief efforts in the wake of Irma, Jose, and Maria.