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David Campaign Will Stop Altering News Headlines on Mayor's Facebook Page

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Binghamton Mayor Rich David said in a statement he has addressed the issue with his campaign team "to ensure best practices moving forward" after his deputy mayor and spokesperson was caught altering news headlines that were shared on the mayor's Facebook page.

The first such headline was brought to light on Wednesday by Pressconnects.com reporter Hannah Schwarz, who covered Tuesday's mayoral debate between David and Democrat Tarik Abdelazim. The story was pulled from David's page.

 Kraham told Schwarz, Wednesday morning, he would look into what happened.

Later that night, Kraham acknowledged he was the one who changed the headline from "Face-Off In Mayor Race: Housing, Crime, Hot Topics" to "Tarik Abdelazim backpedals on record in first mayoral debate."

On Thursday, Fox 40 received David's statement after Binghamton University's Pipedream and Pressconnects reported as many as two dozen stories had been altered.

It is hard to know how many headlines were changed or reworded. 

On Wednesday afternoon, the Pipedream reported it flagged 24 of 43 headlines on David's Facebook page that were changed back to their original wording by Wednesday night. 

Here is David's full statement:
"As Mayor and as a candidate, I'm ultimately responsible for everything that happens under my name.
We could and should have done better communicating our message consistent with Facebook's evolving best practices, and clearer in presenting links to news stories. I've handled this matter with my campaign team and we've made changes together to ensure best practices moving forward."