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Jury Finds Binghamton Man Guilty in Antler Lodge Murder

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A Broome County jury Thursday found Joshua Taylor guilty of murdering James High outside the Antler Lodge in July 2015. After two days of deliberating, the jury found Taylor guilty of the following charges:

  • Second-degree murder
  • Possession of a weapon, 2nd and 3rd degrees

"It was an incredibly senseless, violent act," says Pete DeLucia, Senior Assistant District Attorney.

The victim's mother was in the courtroom for the verdict. When the word "guilty" was announced, her shoulders started shaking with sobs. Taylor gave no visible or audible reaction to hearing his fate. 

"He respects the process," says Taylor's attorney Veronica Gorman, "And that's why he decided to exercise his rights for this trial."

Before reaching their decision, jurors asked to have parts of previous testimony read back to them. That re-read testimony included statements from an eye witness and a DNA expert. The jury also asked to examine the gun from the crime scene.

Pedro Martinez said he saw people fighting as they were coming out of the club. He saw someone wearing a hoodie extend their arm, as if pointing a gun. Shortly after, Martinez heard two gunshots and testified to seeing High drop to the ground.

Taylor will be sentenced on December 12th in Broome County Court and could face up to 25 years in state prison.