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Binghamton Deputy Mayor Takes Responsibility for Campaign's Altered News Headline

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Binghamton Mayor Rich David's campaign altered a news article headline to read in David's favor. The altered headline was posted to Mayor David's campaign Facebook page following a debate between David and Democrat challenger Tarik Abdelazim. 

This evening, Deputy Mayor Jared Kraham released this statement taking responsibility.

I'm responsible for the campaign Facebook page.

In an effort to share an objective report by the Press & Sun-Bulletin of last night's debate, a Facebook ad was created with a link and some short text. Being a paid post, the format of that link was optimized for multiple social media platforms, including Instagram. The post has been removed as to not become a distraction.

— Jared Kraham, Binghamton Deputy Mayor

The article is from the Press & Sun-Bulletin. Posted to the Mayor David Facebook page, the headline was edited to read "Tarik Abdelazim backpedals on record in first mayoral debate."

(Post with the altered headline on Mayor Rich David Facebook page. The post has since been taken down.)

This is not the headline written by Press reporter Hannah Schwarz. The reporter labeled her article with the neutral headline "Face-Off In Mayor Race: Housing, Crime, Hot Topics."

(The Press & Sun Bulletin's original headline.)

"With the recent news about Claudia Tenney's staffers posting fake news and now we hear the same thing from our mayor... I've always said I'm going to run a campaign focused on the issues and have an honest review of our records and that's where I'm going to keep it," responds Abdelazim when asked about the post.