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REPORT: Broome Rates Among Highest For Fiscal Stress

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Broome is one of two counties and just four municipalities on the state comptroller's list of local governments under "significant fiscal stress" for 2016, according to a report from Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli's office.

Dinapoli's office said 27 municipalities have been designated as fiscally stressed, the fewest since the office began the "early-warning system" in 2013. That report listed Broome as "moderately" stressed.

Since 2014, the county's fiscal stress level has remained "significant." 

“Although the number of local governments designated as fiscally stressed has declined noticeably, there are still too many communities struggling with chronic budget strain,” said DiNapoli. “Looking to the future, local officials should exercise fiscal caution through sensible spending decisions, realistic revenue projections and proper long-term planning.”

The latest scores are based on 2016 financial information provided to DiNapoli’s office by local governments as of Aug. 31, 2017.