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Residents Vet Fenton Planning Board For Round 2 of NG Advantage Review

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More than 175 people turned out Wednesday night at the Port Crane Fire Station as Vermont-based NG Advantage re-submitted its plan to build a compressor station and filling station for trucks hauling compressed natural gas.

During an NG presentation, residents expressed skepticism about the project's safety and were even more vocal when it came time to vote on whether Fenton's Planning Board would be the lead agency in the review process.

While the board approved the measure 3-to-2, the motion did not pass because it did not have a majority vote. There are seven planning board members and two were absent.

Fenton Engineer Rich Armstrong said it is unclear whether the motion will be re-introduced at its October 31 meeting or will move to the Town of Fenton board.

Armstrong said while 15 agencies and municipalities will review the project it is a common practice to designate the planning board as the lead agency in the DEC's environmental review process.

Armstrong also said, unlike before, the project is considered a type I action, which means it must be reviewed to determine whether it meets state environmental quality standards.