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DEC Reminds Hunters to Apply for Permits

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The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) reminded hunters on Tuesday that the deadline to apply for deer management permits (DMPs) is October 1st. 

The permit can be applied for online at http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/6101.html or by phone at 866-933-2257 along with a $10 fee.

"Deer Management Permits are our most effective wildlife management tool and recreational deer hunting provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy a day afield and provide sustainably harvested food for New York Families," said Commissioner Seggos.

According to DEC, sporting licenses and permits for 2017-2018 became available for purchase on August 1st and will continue to be available at any DEC license issuing outlet. DEC's online licensing system lets hunters know right away if they were chosen to receive a DMP.

Seggos added, "DEC would also like to remind hunters to report the harvest of any deer, bear, or turkey taken this fall."