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Mayor David Pushes Back Against Democratic Challenger Tarik Abdelazim After Criticizing Comments

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Binghamton Mayor Rich David is pushing back against Democratic challenger, Tarik Abdelazim, who criticized David for not doing enough when it comes to flood prevention.

Abdelazim held a press conference Monday in an east side neighborhood hit hard by recent floods, one of five areas in the city where Abdelazim says has flood levees that haven’t been certified with FEMA.

Abdelazim called on the Republican-led City Council to amend Mayor David’s 2018 budget, adding $1 million to certify floodwalls.

Here in the city of Binghamton, over four years.. And not one nickel has been budgeted to start planning and preparing for the greatest threat to the safety of our neighborhoods. It’s reckless, it’s inexcusable, and it’s irresponsible.

David’s administration fired back, accusing his challenger of being “clueless” on what has been done to address flood mitigation, and pointing to when Abdelazim was in office and didn’t take action.

Abdelazim says property owner’s flood insurance premiums will skyrocket if the floodwalls and levees are not certified.

The single greatest threat to the safety of our neighborhoods, the value of our homes, and the strength of our local property tax base, is the coming tidal wave of expensive flood insurance premiums.

David’s office said they’re currently working with FEMA on a plan to update future flood maps.