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Local Football Fans React To NFL National Anthem Protest

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Protests on the football field during Sunday's games are sparking mixed emotions locally. During last night's NFL games, players, coaches, and even some owners across the league sat or knelt during the National Anthem.

"There's no reason they can't just take 35 seconds, 45 seconds to stand during an anthem," says Arsenije Matovic, "They could still believe whatever they want to believe."

The protest is in response to comments made by President Trump saying any player not standing during the anthem should be fired from the league. 

"I can understand both sides. Is it being disrespectful to soldiers or is it honoring or trying to bring attention to the Black Lives Matter movement or the African-Americans who are being killed by police brutality? I'm much more on the Colin Kaepernick side of these things," says Sen Mabry.

Over 200 players took part in the league-wide protest.