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City of Binghamton Committed to Welcoming Refugees and Immigrants

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Despite federal restrictions on immigration, local officials have been working to make Binghamton a more welcoming city for immigrants and refugees. President Trump unveiled more restrictions on travelers from particular countries in replacement over his first controversial travel ban, which expired on Sunday. 

Binghamton City Councilmen, Conrad Taylor, was the first to introduce a resolution to allow immigrants and refugees into the city. That resolution was initially rejected by the Binghamton City Council. Collected efforts by Binghamton City Officials, a second proposal was submitted. The Immigrant, Refugee Resolution was unanimously passed in February, 2017 by the Binghamton City Council. 

"Having more diversity in our community, and having more refugees and immigrants that come from different parts of the world elevates our society in a really unique way. That's something we should really be welcoming into Binghamton. I am proud to have introduced the  original welcoming cities resolution," said Binghamton Councilmen, Conrad Taylor. 

Earlier this month, Binghamton City Mayor, Rich David presented the American Civic Association with a proclamation welcoming all foreign-born people to the city. In a statement to Fox 40, Deputy Mayor, Jared Kraham says the Mayor will continue to make sure Binghamton stays a welcoming city. 

Councilmen Taylor reiterated that the Binghamton City Council will continue to act as a strong partner with the American Civic Association, despite new restrictions that are set to take place according to the Trump administration, ensuring that the city will continue to welcome refugees and immigrants.