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Tioga Hills Elementary School Celebrates 50th Anniversary

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Alumni, students, and staff of Tioga Hills Elementary were invited to take a trip down memory lane for the 50th anniversary of the school. Current students and faculty decorated the halls of the school with old photos and memorabilia for the golden celebration. 

The school first broke ground in May of 1966 and opened in September 1967. Principal, Hayley Crimmins, says all the photographs presented have been collected over the past few years. She says Tioga Hills is a traditional community school and the celebration is a great way to reflect on the legacy it has created. 

"I am honored to be able to meet these people that have paved the way for not only myself but my current staff members and the students to be able to continue on. They left a phenomenal legacy that we only hope to continue for many more years," said Hayley Crimmins, Principal of Tioga Hills Elementary. 

The celebration included a number of guest speakers from retired principal's, to current staff and students. To close the ceremony, everyone was invited to sing the Tioga Hills Alma Mater.

I love my school, Tioga Hills

It sits within my heart

My teachers here are very dear

They strive to do their part


You help my mind to grow

When mother brought me here to learn 

I was just a little cub,

I read and write and sing and play

All good things I do here

My mind is strong, my body's strong 

I'm a Tioga Bear!

-written by Colleen Whitting.