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Fenton Residents Raise Money for Legal Fees Ahead of Planning Board Meeting

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A group of Fenton residents held a rummage sale on Saturday to raise money for future legal fees as Vermont-based NG Advantage plans to resubmit site plans to build a natural gas compressor station in Fenton. The group is hoping to retain Claudia Braymer for future appeals if the project is once again approved by the Town.

"We're going to hopefully appeal anything they do from this point forward so that we can keep them from coming back," said Adrienne Irons, Fenton Residents Against the Compressor Station Founder. Fenton RACS is a Facebook Group comprised of around 800 residents in the area who oppose the project.

On September 16, Fox 40 broke the story that NG Advantage is resubmitting all permits for the site plan at 65 West Service Road. Town of Fenton Engineer Richard Armstrong said the energy company "has submitted a new draft schedule to begin the review process beginning at the end of September." A copy of the September 26, Town of Fenton Planning Board meeting confirms that the "Fenton Trucking Terminal" will be discussed by the Board.

"We want to let them know right off that bat that nobody wants them to come back and put a new application in," said Irons.

All of the items were donated from Fenton-area residents for free. Irons says they were hoping to raise $1000, but says they at least doubled that.

"We raised a touch over $2,200," said Irons.

She also hopes events like this one raise more awareness for her campaign against the project.

"Every time we have something like this we tend to pull in more people who weren't aware of what's going on," said Irons.

The next Fenton Planning Board meeting is on Tuesday, September 26 at 7:00 p.m and Fox 40 - your source for local news, will be there to have details on what the Board discussed at the meeting. You can read the agenda below.