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Auction Re-Purposes Government Property For Community Use

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Over 800 items are up for bid in the Broome-Tioga surplus auction this weekend. Items range from cars and boats to machinery and electronics. All lots are either from government agencies or stolen items seized by law enforcement.

Revenue from the auctioned items goes to the government agencies that supplied them. In the past, revenue for Broome County has ranged from $80,000 to $300,000. County Executive Jason Garnar says anything in that range is a welcome boost.

"With the way Broome County is, I'll take $80,000 any day," says Garnar.

Broome County Purchasing Director Tyler West says the auction is beneficial to both local government and the community. 

"When something reaches the end of its life cycle, it's not destroyed, it's not put to no purpose, we can actually generate new revenues for local government, while at the same time providing things to local community so they can re-purpose and get it at a fair price," says West.

The auction takes place this Saturday at the Broome County Highway Department starting at 10am. There will be food vendors on site for breakfast and lunch. For a list of items up for bid, click here.