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Tuesday Night on FOX 40!

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First on LETHAL WEAPON at 8 p.m. - Murtaugh pursues Riggs as he travels to Mexico, where he aims to get revenge for his wife's death and finally deal with Tito Flores; Avery is summoned by Internal Affairs to answer questions regarding his department's integrity.

Then at 9 p.m. an hour of comedy starting with THE MICK - Mickey and the children are forced to deal with a downgrade in their living arrangement after their spending habits grow out of control; Jimmy decides to give Chip advice about some of the simplicities of living in a luxurious hotel. then on BROOKLYN NINE-NINE AT 9:30 - While Jake and Rosa get used to their lives behind bars, Jake is forced to join a prison gang for protection and Rosa asks Holt and Terry for favors; Amy and Charles attempt to get their friends exonerated as quickly as possible.