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$1,000 Donation To Help Bring Horse Therapy To Youth, Seniors, and Veterans

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A local church organization Brothers for the Cross gifted $1,000 to a non-profit that uses horse therapy to break down barriers. Kali's Klub House at Fargnoli Farms in Apalachin provides programs for at risk youth, individuals with disabilities, seniors, and veterans. 

Owner Linda Fargnoli says it's amazing to see what horses can do to help restore humans. 

"Horses are such great healers and you can bring the teens in and have the horses work with them. It's amazing. They'll sync right up and really give these kids a sense of purpose," says Fargnoli.

Kali's Klub House programs are built to renew confidence and provide a safe, supportive environment. Fargnoli was full of stories on Friday about the successes she's seen in kids who came through the program. One of the horses, Cricket, is a playmate for children who maybe can't ride, but want that interaction. Cricket knows how to play soccer.

"We've pulled right up to her with children in a wheelchair and she'll roll that soccer ball to them and they can push it back," says Fargnoli, "Now, we may think, 'Wow! I never knew a horse could play soccer.' The kids don't have that thought. They think, 'I could never play soccer. And now I can,'"

Fargnoli Farms owns miniature horses as well, which make frequent visits to local nursing homes and senior centers. Fargnoli says the residents of those nursing homes brighten up when they see the horses come in. Many have stories from their youth about horses.

"Many of our seniors have isolated, they don't talk about things," says Fargnoli, "And all of a sudden they have all these memories that they are sharing with each other and the people who have gone in with the horses, and it's the horses that brought that out."

Kali's Klub House is one of six organizations receiving the proceeds from the Brothers for the Cross car show held in June. The $1,000 check will be used for upkeep at the facility and providing care to the horses.