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Shared Services Panel Unanimously Approves Plan For Consolidating Services

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Heads of local government met on the Shared Services Panel Thursday afternoon to approve a plan for consolidating services.

The plan outlines ways municipalities can combine services to save money for Broome County.

This was an initiative set forward by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Thirteen of the fifteen members of the panel needed to approve the plan which passed unanimously. 

Kevin McManus, Deputy Broome County Executive, commended government leaders and their committment to saving taxpayer money. 

We have some really talented people leading our towns and villages, and they’ve done a great job over the years to try and find efficiencies.
This codifies some of those agreements and it brings people around the table to find more ways that we can find government efficiencies.
We won’t stop until we can save as much money as possible for the taxpayers.

The plan will now move on to Governor Cuomo, in hopes that Broome County will receive money back on savings.