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Jones's fight ruled no-contest after B Sample tests positive

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UPDATE (Thursday, 12:05 am): UFC President Dana White has officially stripped Jon Jones of the Light Heavyweight Title and reinstated Daniel Cormier as Light Heavyweight Champion.  This is now the second time in his career Jones has been stripped of his title.

News broke late Tuesday night that Endicott native Jon "Bones" Jones's B Sample tested positive for M3, a Turinabol metabolite.  The drug test was conducted on July 28th prior to the Jones vs. Cormier fight on July 29th.  Jones's A Sample tested positive for Turinabol, an anabolic steroid, in August.  As a result of the second failed sample, USADA has charged Jones with an anti-doping violation.  Jeff Novitzky, UFC vice president of athlete health and performance, tells Yahoo Sports that the process is a long way from being over as Jones has a right to appeal.  His team is in the midst of forming an appeal to start the process.

Jones defeated Daniel Cormier on July 29th as part of UFC 214 in Anaheim, California.  The win returned him his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship Belt after it was stripped from him in 2015 following an arrest on hit-and-run charges in New Mexico.  However, Wednesday afternoon, the California State Athletic Commission overturned the result of the July 29th fight to no-contest, according to MMA Fighting.  UFC holds the right to decide what happens to the belt and who ,if anyone, should hold it.  UFC officials have gone on the record saying that they will wait for the entire adjudication process to be completed for making a decision regarding the Light Heavyweight Belt. 

While Jones has not issued a statement himself, his team remains supportive of him and adamant that he did not and would not knowingly take any banned substance.  Jones's representatives maintain that he must have taken a tainted supplement.  

Last year, Jones tested positive for Letrozol and clomiphene, and was removed from the UFC 200 fight against Cormier and suspended for one year as a result of the violation.

Yahoo Sports reports that the second failed test is not all bad news for Jones.  He passed a blood test after the fight on July 29th, although Turinabol is tested through urine, not blood.  Due to the amount of time the M3 metabolite remains in the system, it seems unlikely that any athlete, aware of anti-doping policies, would choose Turinabol or any similar steroid.  More information on that can be found here.

Should the anti-doping violation stand, as a repeat offender, Jones could face a ban of up to four years by USADA.  Jones just turned 30 years old ten days prior to his, now, no-contest against Cormier.  If suspended, he could be 34 years old before his next fight, nearing the end of the prime of most fighters.

Fox 40 will have more on this story as it develops.