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BU Students Perform Good Deeds In Honor of 9/11 Victims

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Binghamton University students performed acts of kindness in the names of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. As part of the Mitzvah Marathon, put on by the Rohr Chabad Center and Hillel, students could choose from a list of good deeds including donating to CHOW, giving blood, and making sandwiches for the homeless.

"We were so young when it happened, I think it's easy for people to forget," says Mariah Stein, a BU senior and event organizer, "It's so important to have this here so people can just walk by and think about it for a few minutes and just remember."

Set up on the busiest stretch of walkway on campus, the event encourages passersby to stop and spend just a minute doing something for someone else.

"I think it's so easy to forget or to face things like this with aggression, but for us, we really just want it to be a day of kindness," says Eliana Cutler, another student organizer.

For every good deed, a picture of one of the 9/11 victims is strung along the walkway.