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Deployed To Ground Zero: "You could not wrap your head around what you were seeing"

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A moment of silence on SUNY Broome's campus to remember the victims and first-responders of the 9/11 attacks. As bagpipes play, the sun shines down. A warm, fall day very similar to this day 16 years ago.

"Clear and sunny. Everything was well until the attacks began to happen," remembers Raymond Serawick, Broome County EMS Coordinator.

Serawick was on his way to Albany when the news came over his car radio. 10 days later, he would be deployed to Ground Zero.

"It was surreal and you could not wrap your head around what you were seeing," recalls Serawick, "The sights, the sounds, even the odors, were completely indescribable. The brain just couldn't fathom it. It's almost like being on a movie set, but you know it is real."

Serawick says the memories are still vivid, although 16 years have gone by. And seeing the community take a moment to remember means a lot when you've seen the aftermath first-hand.