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Former Endicott Resident, Now in Florida Describes Hurricane Irma

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In August of 2015, Erin Donovan, a former resident of Endicott and the sister of Fox 40's Sports Director Jeremy Donovan, moved to Orlando for work and now she finds herself in the path of hurricane Irma.

"It is a little scary, not knowing where I'm coming from," said Donovan.

She says that she spent the last week mentally preparing for the storm to make landfall.

"All of your friends around you are telling you that there's nothing to worry about, don't worry, they reassured me plenty of times and I'm still a little nervous," said Donovan.

According to the Florida Division of Emergency Management, around 6.3 million people were in evacuation zones and nearly all of them were forced to northern parts of Florida or to other states.

"A normal six hour drive to Georgia or North Carolina took them about 13-hours, it added a lot of extra time," said Donovan.

The addition of all those people meant supplies like batteries, generators, food, and water were hard to come by.

"The main thing that was gone was water. Water was really hard trying to find the past couple of days," said Donovan. She eventually picked some up on Saturday as a local grocery store was running out of their latest shipment.

Donovan says the physical preparation for a hurricane like Irma is similar to that of a major snowstorm she experienced while growing up in the Southern Tier.

"It's like having a big snowstorm in New York, you get yourself ready for the week and then you just sit at home and wait for it to pass," said Donovan.

She says that she spent most of Sunday at a neighbor's house watching movies, but eventually lost power around 9:00 p.m. Despite the lack of power, her message to everyone in the storm is "don't panic."

"Yes we're all nervous and whatever comes, comes. Whatever happens will happen but you will bounce back, you will rebuild afterward," said Donovan.

Fox 40 Weather predicts Hurricane Irma will leave Florida by Monday afternoon.