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Binghamton Celebrates Music at 16th Annual Blues on the Bridge

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Thousands of people gathered in the heart of downtown Binghamton for a day filled with live music, vendors and food. The 16th annual Blues on the Bridge featured 12 of the Southern Tier's top bands. 

"You're bound to hear something you like and that's what its all about," said Jay Compton, Singer and Base player in The Blue J's.

Every year, the event attracts thousands of people and vendors who travel from nearly every corner of the Southern Tier. Jennifer Whitcombe Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Jimmy J's Avian Rescue Center, says the festival is the rescue center's biggest fundraiser. Jones brings several of her rescued birds to the festival to spread awareness on homeless birds. 

"There are four million homeless birds in the United States alone," said Jones. "People are just buying too many babies and there are so many that need homes. People really need to adopt." 

Many of the festival goers say the event showcases the talent and successful businesses in the area. 

"The music scene is huge around here," said Jennifer Lake, festivalgoer. "We're all like a big family." 

Roads surrounding the South Washington Street bridge remained closed throughout the event. The festival also spread eastward, up North Shore Drive and onto Riverside Drive. 

Festival goers and musicians say they hope next year will be just as successful as this year.