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People's Power March In Front Broome County Courthouse

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Dozens gathered in front of the Broome County Courthouse Saturday afternoon, to participate in a People's Power March. The march was themed as "Be your own superhero," as a way for people to fight for a cause they believe in most. 

The march started at the Broome County Courthouse and ended at the Martin Luther King Promenade on Court Street in Binghamton. 

Matt Wahila, a volunteer, and Graduate Student at Binghamton University says it was his love for science that brought him to be part of the march. 

"I really care about science, science funding and science denial, and we've seen a lot of that lately; especially in the government in Washington. A lot of denial of science and trying to cut science funding," said Wahila. 

Wahila dressed as a "future politician" who comes back from the future to warn people against cutting funding for science. He and dozens of other people dressed for the part. 

Protesters held up signs on several current controversial topics in Washington, from green energy, gun safety, to Women's and LGBTQ rights.

"Everyone needs to come out for issues they care about. They need to be their own superhero. They need to fight the evil forces in the world and become their own hero for their own issue," said Wahila.