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BU Pharmacy Students Mark Transition with Inaugural White Coat Ceremony

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Binghamton University's new School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences held its inaugural White Coat Ceremony to mark its students' transition from pre-clinical to clinical studies. 

Founding Dean of Binghamton University's School of pharmacy, Gloria Meredith, says the ceremony is a way to symbolize a students commitment in the profession.

"They're the pathfinders and the risk takers. They're the ones who are going to lead the way for the profession in the future. It's very exciting to see them dawning their coats and taking that vow," said Meredith.

During the ceremony, students pledge their commitment to practice with "excellence and accountability, and to always act with respect, honor, and integrity." 

Fall 2017 marks the arrival of the inaugural class. The school is set to enroll approximately 350 students when fully enrolled after four years.