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Tiger Ventures Collects Donations for Sister School in Houston Affected by Hurricane Harvey

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Tiger Ventures, a new high school integrated with a venture incubator in the Union-Endicott School District, collected donations for one of its sister schools affected by Hurricane Harvey.

A few dozen people showed up to the U-E High School's cafeteria to watch "EIF presents: XQ Super School Live," a broadcast featuring celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Kelly Clarkson promoting the changes to the education system in America created by the XQ Foundation.

The purpose of the show is to showcase the 18 schools that won the grant from the XQ Foundation and to have celebrities endorse the movement of changing education in America.

"It validates the work that you do, in education you want to be a change agent, but it's very difficult to do that and this validates the work that we're doing," said Michaelene Cardell, Tiger Ventures Principal.

Earlier this year, Union-Endicott received a $2.5 million grant from the XQ Foundation which was created by Laurene Powell Jobs, a businesswoman and Steve Jobs' widow.

During this event, the school encouraged guests to donate items to the Furr Institute for Innovative Thinking (FIIT) in Houston, another XQ Grant recipient, which is suffering due to the destruction left by Hurricane Harvey.

"When we heard that their students were affected by Hurricane Harvey, they're opening school on Monday and their children have nothing to go home to. So we thought wouldn't it be great to give back to our sister X-Q school and collect donations for them because I'm sure if the roles were reversed, they would do the same for us," said Cardell.

She says being part of this XQ network will be mutually beneficial to both Tiger Ventures and the other schools in the program.

"Having that network is about sharing resources and sharing ideas and being that support system and it just shows that it's not just about the education part of it, but there's a human aspect to it as well," said Cardell.

Cardell says toiletries, school supplies, new pillows and blankets, and new clothes can still be dropped off at the Union-Endicott District Office.